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Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties MP3


Product Description

Breaking Ungodly Soul Ties and Vows
John A. Kilpatrick - MP3 (Five Part Message)

Ungodly soul ties could well be one of the most successfully methods Satan uses to abort destinies. Overwhelmingly most Christians struggle with ungodly soul ties and vows, yet have not been able to discern what's affecting them. The apostle Paul ponders the question regarding not what, but "who hath bewitched you?" When you go to buy a piece of property, you call for a title search to insure a free and clear title. You do not want any hidden liens or encumbrances attached to that property. God likewise requires our souls to have no liens or encumbrances. Soul ties are not just connected to people, but also to places and things.

Also avaliable on CD.


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