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Overcoming An Orphan Spirit MP3


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Overcoming An Orphan Spirit
John A. Kilpatrick - MP3 (10 Part Series)

As children, we look to our parents—in particular our fathers—to meet our basic emotional needs. When these needs go unmet, it is difficut to develop healthy relationships, especially with God. Yet many, if not most, Christians suffer from this malady. In this grounbreaking series, John Kilpatrick brings insight on how to overcome this mentality and receive a deeper revelation of our Heavenly Father and His love for us.

Part 1 - Introduction  

Part 2 - Love Languages

Part 3 - Two Mandates of Jesus

Part 4 - Five Fathers 

Part 5 - A Garden For the Son

Part 6 - The Good Father 

Part 7 - The Prodigal Son

Part 8 - Three Baptisms of Jesus 

Part 9 - Fact or Truth

Part 10 - Israel: God's First Born


Also Available In CD.


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