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The Mystery Of A Blessing CD Box Set


Product Description

The Mystery Of A Blessing: 3 Key Series TO Walking In Blessing
John A. Kilpatrick - 12 Audio CDs


Mystery And Power Of A Blessing
- Five Audio CDs

There is a great difference between prophecy and blessing. Many times when we read a blessing, especially in the Old Testament, it sounds like a prophecy when it isn't (I Peter 3:9). The power of life and death is truly in the tongue. Each day, we have an opportunity to bless the people and circumstances around us or curse them. The choice is ours to make.

Impartation of a Blessing
- Three Audio CDs

A blessing is the way that God's favor and goodness is transmitted through the spoken word. While prayer is petitioning God, and prophecy is speaking the future, blessing is speaking out what you would like to see happen. In this message, John Kilpatrick teaches about how to bless yourself, your family and how to redirect your life through blessing.

The Door To Blessings: Discovering, Opening, and Entering into Your New Season
- Four Audio CDs

God desires for us to be blessed, but many confuse the results of the blessing as the blessing itself.A blessing's substance is greater than its effect. In this series, "The Door to Blessings," John Kilpatrick teaches what we should know about a blessing and how to walk in one.